A Question That No One Asks Romney/Ryan About Their Economic Plan

I’ve been [foolishly, no doubt] waiting for one of the smart reporters or moderators in any of the debates ask Mr. Romney or Mr. Ryan how many jobs will be demolished if and when their economic austerity plan goes into effect.

Think about it for a minute.  Romney and Ryan and the Republican Platform that directs the actions of the down ballot candidates, as well, states that they want to “eliminate”:

  • Medicaid [the Federal subsidy]
  • Medicare as we know it and make it a voucher program for those who are less than 10 years away from retirement
  • Social Security Disability
  • Social Security Supplemental Income for those who are receiving the minimum Social Security payments of $525.00 a month – try to live on that!
  • All Federal Worker’s Unions
  • Teacher’s Unions and the Education department at the federal level
  • Pell Grants for low-income recipients [these grants are for students whose family is below the poverty level and only provide partial payment toward tuition and books]
  • Stafford Unsecured Loans for eligible students [for students and families who can not get a traditional “secured” bank loan.  Since the 2008 bank/Wall Street crash, people who have lost their homes or whose homes are valued at less than the loan are ineligible for those “traditional” loans.]
  • Bush Tax Cuts
  • Earned Income Credit
  • Federal subsidy of Food Stamps
  • Obama Care which provides for payment for breast cancer testing, ovarian cancer testing, contraception for those who choose to use it, ultrasounds, children’s preventative health care, pre-existing condition continuing care, lower rates for purchase of major medical for those whose employers offer it, lower rates on COBRA insurance when you lose your job and medical coverage
  • FREEDOM to decide for yourself if an abortion is in your best interest and the best economic interest of your family
  • Refuse to increase cost of living for social security recipients that remain eligible

From the Republican Party Platform 2012:

Three programs-Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security- account for over 40 percent of total spending. While these levels of spending and debt are already harming job creation and growth, projections of future spending growth are nothing short of catastrophic, both economically and socially.

…Cutting spending is not enough; it must be accompanied by major structural reforms, increased productivity, use of technology, and long-term government downsizing…

Just as a note for those who missed out on the dictionary of political speak, “increased productivity” means that each “worker” must produce 2 – 3 times the amount of work they are currently accomplishing or lose their job; “use of technology” means that many electronic outsourcing [or “off-shoring” as Romney likes to call it]  will be added with all menial data work sent to countries that pay$2.00 hr; “long-term government downsizing” means that the Republican Party will pass [if they have enough congressional members to do so] NEW CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS to prevent re-establishing any of those programs that they cut!

The Republican Party Platform 2012 actually states that in several sections – in between fluffy, nice sounding words selling a junk car while trying to make it look like a real deal.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg that the Republican candidates from Romney to those running in your State Legislature are determined to do.

How many people do you suppose work for the departments doing the paperwork, bookkeeping, and data entry alone for Social Security?  Medicare?  Medicaid? Department of Health, Education and Welfare?  That’s at least 2 million people who will be joining the unemployed in short order.

Keep in mind, these people do not just work in Washington D. C.  They work in your towns, your counties, your state, your region.  They are your neighbors and friends and teachers to your children and grandchildren.  Maybe, they are members of your family.

They are also on the list to be sent packing if the Republican Candidates get their way.

Worse, all the Safety Net Programs will have disappeared and in the words of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, people will just be “forced to take personal responsibility” and “pull themselves up by their bootstraps”.  American citizens that have not taken responsibility for their own finances already will  just have to find another way to survive.

So, realizing what their platform and desires are [according to the actions that they have already taken and words accidentally revealed] I am wondering how they expect to create any jobs for the extra millions of people that they intend to thrust onto the unemployment roles with no safety net.

Those who invested with Romney’s Bain Capitol

After watching the Romney campaign culminating his  most amazing “Me, Too!” positions on foreign policy, I can’t help but wonder if those who invested with Romney during his Bain days are thankful that they didn’t lose more than they did.  If he spoke as he has throughout his campaigning for the last 6 years to potential investors, they would have laughed at the prospect.  

Romney does keep “pointing” to his experience in business claiming that “he” had to “balance budgets” for “his business”.  Spoiler Alert!  Romney was the PITCH MAN for Bain Group and the CEO of Bain Capitol which ONLY took in money – there was no budget to balance!  

Link to “CISPA” Bill to TRACK us online

The House of Representatives passed the Cyber Intelligence Information Protection Act (“CISPA”), a cybersecurity bill that allows the government to obtain detailed information about Internet users from the private sector.

The bill preempts established privacy protections in other federal laws and opens the door for increased surveillance of individuals in the United States.

The bill also creates a new Freedom of Information Act exemption, which will reduce government transparency and accountability.




Senate to Vote TO PASS ANTI-RIVACY Against US

The House of Representatives just passed a bill on anti-privacy and it is up for a vote in the Senate when they return from this current hiatus.  This bill allows government bodies to monitor social media sites and track and block what they do not approve.

PASS THE WORD … Before they don’t let us pass the word anymore.



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